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100007, Республика Узбекистан, г. Ташкент, проспект Мирзо Улугбека, 32 а.
телефон/факс: (+99871) 267-89-12

Разработка проектно-технической документации энерготехнологического оборудования, производства, монтажа и пуско-наладки технологического оборудования АГНКС.

Гарантируем высокое качество и надежность выполняемых работ

Наша цель – максимально эффективные и комплексные решения энергообеспечения бизнеса и жизнедеятельности

Надеемся, что АО «Махsusenergogaz» станет Вашим партнером и наше сотрудничество будет плодотворным и взаимовыгодным!

General information

JSC «MAXSUSENERGOGAZ» - a modern high-tech company in the competitive structure of enterprises JSC «UZBEKNEFTEGAZ», providing high quality services to enterprises pipeline transportation of oil and gas on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan.04

Years of experience clearly demonstrates the high qualification of our specialists in the following activities:

  • commissioning, repair and adjustment tests of thermal power equipment, boilers, chemical water treatment, control systems of hot-water and steam boilers of different capacities, ventilation and air conditioning, and various industrial furnaces and drying machines;
  • commissioning and maintenance of automation systems, instrumentation;
  • capital and current repairs of main and auxiliary equipment of boiler;
  • boiler operation and maintenance of heat energy process plants;
  • testing and commissioning of high voltage (up to 110 kV) and low voltage electrical equipment at compressor stations, drilling rigs and industrial plants;
  • commissioning and testing of preventive means ECP (power lines, transformer substations, UKZ), GDS and electricity;
  • repair, commissioning and maintenance of electrical systems and electrical equipment;
  • the rational use of motor vehicles, nefteskladskogo economy, energy resources, thermal power equipment enterprises JSC "UZBEKNEFTEGAZ";
  • repair, adjustment and installation of fire suppression systems on SBS;
  • repair, adjustment and testing of the system of gas concentration;
  • construction, welding and assembly and insulation-laying work of pipelines;
  • installation, repair and adjustment of compressor stations, engines and pressure vessels.

 Our goal - the most effective and comprehensive solutions of energy supply business and life. Base to achieve it - it's knowledge of technology and the needs of our clients, a comprehensive, systematic and creative approach to problem solving, highly skilled team of professionals.

Our main feature - the speed and quality of work.

The main priority of JSC «MAXSUSENERGOGAZ» is a high-quality provision of services with the use of modern technologies, devices and equipment.

Having qualified employees of the many specialties of JSC «MAXSUSENERGOGAZ» offers mutually beneficial cooperation to all interested companies.

We hope that the JSC "Mahsusenergogaz" will be your partner and our cooperation will be fruitful and mutually beneficial.


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