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Certificates and licenses

JSC «MAXSUSENERGOGAZ» has the necessary permits and licenses for the conduct of activities in the oil and gas industry and other sectors of the economy, the GOP issued "Sanoatkontekhnazorat" GI "Energonazorat" Republican Committee of Uzbekistan "Gosarkhitektstroy":

  • installation, repair and commissioning work on steam boilers pressure of 39 kg/cm2, hot water boilers with a temperature above 1150 C°, repair and replacement of steam and feed pipelines of steam and hot water categories III and IV, repair and manufacturing of heating surfaces of steam boilers, control the quality of metal and welded joints and non-destructive thickness measurement of vessels, pressure vessels, drums and process piping boiler;
  • for the development of technical documentation in Energy equipment, production installation and commissioning of process equipment CNG stations;
  • on the construction and operation of high-risk and potentially hazardous industries;
  • for conducting the technical diagnosis of non-destructive methods (VIS, USO, RGC, the Central Committee and the definition of quality), the quality of the metal of welded joints of steam boilers
  •  pressure up to 39 kg/cm2, hot water boilers with a temperature above 1150 C°, tanks, pressure vessels, steam and hot water, gas medium and high pressure technology, network, pipelines, as well as the extension of the operation of the above equipment the issuance of the necessary documentation; inspection process
  • boilers; attestation, re-certification of welders in the NHC "UZBEKNEFTEGAZ" with the participation of boiler inspectors; confirmation of the certified data and low-carbon
  • steel (chemical analysis, mechanical tests); analysis of natural and liquefied gas; technical supervision over the quality of construction and repair works at NHC "UZBEKNEFTEGAZ";
  • for the production of works gazomontazhnyh steel aboveground pipelines of high, medium and low pressure, making of technological schemes of production, commissioning and repair gas appliances, hydraulic fracturing and repair, adjustment and maintenance of equipment;
  • construction, welding and assembly and insulation-laying work of pipelines, installation, repair and adjustment of compressor stations, engines and vessels working under pressure, manufacturing of spare parts for production equipment, production of non-standard equipment at podkontrolnyhGI "Sanoatkontekhnazorat";
  • production survey metal cranes controlled inspection for boilers and supervision of elevating structures, non-destructive methods (VIS, USO).

All types of work carried out in strict compliance with the "Rules of safety in the gas sector", КМК 2.04.08 – 96, и КМК 3.05.02 – 96 РУз.

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